Download the PDF: Call for Abstracts and Case Studies: CBPHC Working Group

The CBPHC is inviting individuals, organizations, and institutions to submit case studies and abstracts for a new project called “How to Achieve Real Social Change: Opportunities and Challenges for Effective Partnership and Collaboration in Community-based Primary Health Care (CBPHC).” This series will be presented at our annual conference in Philadelphia on November 2nd prior to the The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

Abstract Focus  CBPHC Pioneer, Dr. Carl Taylor wrote- “Real social change occurs when officials and people with relevant knowledge and resource come together with communities in joint action around mutual priorities.” 

What makes it difficult for groups with mutual priorities to come together?                                                      How can we develop effective partnering practices and collaborative processes to create social change that supports high quality health care for all?

Abstracts should include:

  • The Question or Problem being addressed
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion and Discussion
  • Future Considerations
  • If an abstract is a case study, it should still include a problem or question, how the problem was identified and approached, results of that action, evaluation and discussion.

Abstracts should include a title but no other identifiers and will be evaluated and selected based on proper format, relevancy of problem to be addressed, appropriate methods, reasonable results, appropriate conclusions and their significance, and future considerations. Importance will be given to discussions of remedies for gaps in knowledge, design problems, need for design revision, and evidence of community involvement in design, implementation, and evaluation.

Please send your abstract to our editorial Team email: with the subject line “CPHC Abstract” and the author(s), presenter(s) (indicate presenter with an asterisk), and the affiliation –organization or school. If you have more than one abstract that fits the criteria, multiple submissions are allowed.


Deadline Extended! Please send abstracts by September 16th, 2019

  • Research abstracts—maximum 300 words, not including the title.
  • Case studies—maximum 750 words, not including the title.
  • Selected abstracts will be notified by September 30th, 2019

Download the PDF: Call for Abstracts and Case Studies: CBPHC Working Group

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